Photo of Founders Naaman E. and Ollie GrubbsLighthouse Community Missionary Baptist Church was born out of persecution and conflict in early 1994 when the late Founder Pastor Naaman E. Grubbs had a vision from heaven. The vision, much like the early church, had its roots in persecution and conflict and as a result Pastor Grubbs took the church out of Jupiter, Florida and relocated it in West Palm Beach, Florida with the name Lighthouse Community Missionary Baptist Church.

Our actual first church meeting was held in a two bedroom apartment belonging to one of the church members located off Haverhill Boulevard. The few founding members at the time agreed to put their trust in God and believe in the vision of the Pastor of having a church where the membership was free to serve the Lord without the hindrances of strife and conflict.

Pastor Naaman Grubbs Jr. and First Lady Janet Grubbs pose with Mother Ollie GrubbsWe soon moved from the apartment to a small building on Congress Boulevard. The only possessions we had at the time was our faith in God and a strong determination to lift up the blood stained banner of our God. And yes, we did see the hand of the Lord as He blessed us to attain many of the accouterments of worship. We soon had cushioned pews and pulpit furnishings and a few dollars in the bank as well. This may not seem like much to those who have much but to us who came out of our present day Egypt with nothing but our faith and hope, it truly was a remarkable manifestation of the blessing power of our God.

Our Founding Pastor (Pastor N.E. Grubbs) went home to be with the Lord in December 1994. It was a shocking loss for the church but we knew that the best way to honor him was to carry on the work that he had started. Pastor A.M Hill after a period of time became the Pastor. Pastor Hill served well and admirably for years. The church continued to grow and continued to prosper under his leadership and the helpful assistance of his beautiful wife Bernice Hill. The youth department and the choir were at its best during their tenure. Afterward, Pastor Naaman Grubbs, Jr and his beautiful wife Janet served faithfully for twelve years. They led the church in their commitment to upholding a high view of God and His Word in all that we do.

Pastor Larry AndrewsWe serve now in our present location under the Leadership of Pastor Larry Andrews. It is our great hope that God`s faithfulness will continue to be manifested toward us as a church body. We commit to stand true to God`s Word, His character and His truths without apology or compromise. We have seen so many lives changed over the years right here in the congregation. The blind have received their sight, the sick have been made well, the discouraged have been encouraged. And more than anything else, the loss have found their way back home. And we thank God for all that He has done and He is doing. We look forward to the years ahead as we seek to be faithful to God and His Word.